2015 Cross Country Season

This Cross Country season had a lot of ups and downs, but personally was my best season for running! I managed to break the 17:30 wall that I failed to break freshman and sophomore year no matter how close I came. I got my new personal record set at 17:09 for a 5 kilometer run (3.1 miles). The season looked bright during the summer at Springmill Camp with the teams. We set large goals and hoped to achieve them. We didn’t win county, sectional or regional, we also didn’t make it passed semi-state. Winning county was our ultimate goal but we didn’t achieve it. This year was more or less a rebuilding year considering we lost 5 of our top 7 runners from last season. We rebuilt and worked hard. Next season we lose one runner whom we can try to replace fast. We are all looking forward to next season and achieving all our goals.