2015 Track Season Reflection

In the 2015 Track season I was a sophomore. I started the season and originally was selected to be a 2 mile runner. For the 2 mile i was a JV runner but before the first varsity race we had one JV invite.  I ran the 2 mile indoor, which is 16 laps or far too many if you ask me, but once i finished the race my coach pulled me aside to inform me that he needed a anchor in the 4×800. I knew that the varsity 4×800 team needed one more runner and that was to be decided based on how we ran this JV 4×800. i was still exhausted from running the 2 mile about 15 minutes prior but was still going to give it my all. I ran that race just fast enough to actually make the varsity 4×800 team. I ran with them the rest of the season. we placed first place at county, sectionals and regional’s. At the State Meet we lost 2 guys who qualified for the open 800 and brought in 2 back up runners. we didn’t run as we wanted but for all of us this was our first State Meet run and we were rather nervous. I am looking forward to next season and setting more Personal Records. As of right now my personal best 800 is 2:02.3 which is good for starting the season at a 2:13.5. I’m excited and ready for this next track season in 2016.