Month: October 2015

2015 Cross Country Season

This Cross Country season had a lot of ups and downs, but personally was my best season for running! I managed to break the 17:30 wall that I failed to break freshman and sophomore year no matter how close I came. I got my new personal record set at 17:09 for a 5 kilometer run (3.1 miles). The season looked bright during the summer at Springmill Camp with the teams. We set large goals and hoped to achieve them. We didn’t win county, sectional or regional, we also didn’t make it passed semi-state. Winning county was our ultimate goal but we didn’t achieve it. This year was more or less a rebuilding year considering we lost 5 of our top 7 runners from last season. We rebuilt and worked hard. Next season we lose one runner whom we can try to replace fast. We are all looking forward to next season and achieving all our goals.

2015 Track Season Reflection

In the 2015 Track season I was a sophomore. I started the season and originally was selected to be a 2 mile runner. For the 2 mile i was a JV runner but before the first varsity race we had one JV invite.  I ran the 2 mile indoor, which is 16 laps or far too many if you ask me, but once i finished the race my coach pulled me aside to inform me that he needed a anchor in the 4×800. I knew that the varsity 4×800 team needed one more runner and that was to be decided based on how we ran this JV 4×800. i was still exhausted from running the 2 mile about 15 minutes prior but was still going to give it my all. I ran that race just fast enough to actually make the varsity 4×800 team. I ran with them the rest of the season. we placed first place at county, sectionals and regional’s. At the State Meet we lost 2 guys who qualified for the open 800 and brought in 2 back up runners. we didn’t run as we wanted but for all of us this was our first State Meet run and we were rather nervous. I am looking forward to next season and setting more Personal Records. As of right now my personal best 800 is 2:02.3 which is good for starting the season at a 2:13.5. I’m excited and ready for this next track season in 2016.

Cross Country Update #1

Currently i am writing this as my season is coming to an end. The team is moving onto semi state next week where we hope to run well. This season has had its ups and downs. I Have run varsity all season as the teams consistent number six runner. This year Coach Harrell also selected me to be team captain as a Junior. He rarely selects captains to be juniors, I believe he sees something in me that I have not found yet. This season I have run well, this is actually my best season of Cross Country to date. i have improved my Personal Record to a time of 17:09. 7 for a 5K race. I have also been under 18 minutes in all races excluding the 5K time trial and the Flashrock course, which was flooded, cold, and still raining during the race.