9 Types of People at the Gym

These are people I have noticed in the gym and there are probably many more types. These are the most common that I have seen and experienced. Some of these types of people are great and some can be annoying. I’ll let you decide based on my thoughts below which you would find annoying.

1.) The one-man wolf pack or the one-man army as I call them. I tend to fall under this category. Anyways, the one man army is the guy who knows what lifts he’s doing each day and what weight he will be doing. This person is the “I know what I’m doing, don’t talk to me and let me do what needs to be done” guy.

2.) The guy who hits upper body everyday. This guy stands out in a gym like a sore thumb. Almost every gym has one. You’ve probably seen him, usually at a bench or dumbbell rack. Typically you can find him curling or pressing. Maybe dead lifting so that way he can say he works legs. This is that guy that people look at and think, “What is he thinking?”

3.) The bodybuilder, you have probably seen one as well in your gym. They are more than likely the larger men/women in the gym. Bodybuilders tend to do their own specific workout and will spend 3 or 4 hours in the gym doing their workouts. From what I’ve noticed, they lift weight that most people look at and think is heavy. Body builders have also been seen doing exercises that you would’ve never thought to do. Like using a pectoral fly machine to hit their rear deltoids.  Bodybuilders also have a tendency to be loud before, during and after their sets.

4.) The power lifter- this is the guy who ALWAYS goes heavy on bench, squat and dead lift. You won’t see them doing high reps like a bodybuilder because their goal is to lift heavy, gain strength but maintain their relative weight. Power lifters make noise, no question about that. They may yell before a new attempt at a personal record. They do whatever they need to do in order to psych themselves up for a lift. I know that because I have competed in powerlifting and plan on doing so again in the future.

5.) The I’m doing it wrong but I’m at least doing something”. This person is clueless. He has no idea what he is doing in the gym. He will follow around the person he admires most in the gym and subtly copy that guy’s workout except there’s one major difference. He normally does the movements wrong or goes way too heavy, it’s like he’s trying to impress someone. This guy could also be called the half repper. He does few movements in his workout. He usually does them half way and doesn’t put in the effort to finish the rep. But hey, at least he’s doing something.

6.) The people with a personal trainer, this isn’t a bad person at all. From what I’ve noticed the elderly seem to be the ones with trainers most often. This is good, people who don’t know exactly what they should do, how to do it or how much to do. So they get a trainer. If it’s an elderly person they are usually trying to improve their health and get in shape again. I approve of these people because they are trying to become health and admit they need some help so they get a trainer.

7.) The guy who knows what he’s doing but does everything in the most inconvenient way for everyone else. This guy, man, does this guy bother me. He knows what he’s doing. He has been lifting for a while and he is at the point where he doesn’t care about other people in the gym. He’s the guy who will start curling in the squat rack or deadlifting in the middle of the gym blocking the path to equipment making it harder for others. He is also the guy who may not lift a lot of weight but he loves to slam the weight down making noise to let people know he’s there. He doesn’t take into account that it’s distracting to those who are trying to better themselves as well.

8.) The advisor. Every gym has one, everybody knows who he is and not many people are a fan. He’s more than likely new to lifting, hasn’t lifted very long but thinks he knows it all because he’s watched a few videos, probably on YouTube. He’s the guy who will come up to you mid-set to inform you that he believes you’re doing something wrong or how to improve it.

Last but not least…

9.) The people who don’t pick up their weights. These people suck. They really do. I shouldn’t have to explain why. Having to look for dumbbells that are scattered everywhere from a dude’s “killer workout” that he didn’t put back after using isn’t fun. Equally annoying is having to move weights around to get to the specific weight you need. So please, pick up your weights and put them back where they belong.

Thank you for reading. This isn’t all the types of people in the gym; just some that I have noticed over the past 3 years of lifting and being in many different gyms.