Friday, November 6 Work out and Today’s Workout

On Friday I did another chest workout because my friend that I normally do bench with (he’s one of the few people I trust when I go heavy to spot me) was in town from college and asked me to do a bench session with him. So Friday I did some chest and Today I worked up to my opening weight in every lift because a group of my friends, who are also competing, wanted to go to the NIFS gym so we get some training in at the gym we will be competing at.


Main bench:

135 for 2 sets of 10

155 for 1 set of 5

185 for 1 set of 5

205 for 1 set of 5

225 for 1 set of 3

245 for a single

255 for a single

Attempted 265 but failed with regulation style.

Decline Bench to improve my lower chest and make it pop out more

1 set of 12 at 135

4 sets of 12 at 155

Dumbbell decline press:

3 sets of 15 reps with each arm at 45 lbs

Triceps burn out; to preform this have a partner, move 2 benches next to each other head to head. We used a 45 lbs bar but you can decide what you use. Lay head to head on the benches do the movement called skull crushers. To make this a burn out, one person would a set of 10 and hand the bar the the other we repeated this until we both had competed 10 sets or 100 reps.


Saturday Workout:

Today  we went up to NIFS gym in downtown Indianapolis on the IUPUI campus. This is where I will be competing in seven days. I wanted to get used to the bar, platforms, and hooks that are used so I knew how it would all feel before competition.


135 set of 10

185 set of 5

205 set of 5

225 for a single

Stopped there because that is my opening weight and I benched the day before.


135 set of 10

225 set of 5

275 set of 5

315 set of 3

365 set of 2

385 for a single

Stopped there because that is my opening weight.

Squat (today was supposed to be squat day so I did some more here) :

Bar to set stance for 5 reps

135 for 5

185 for 5

225 set of 5

245 for 3

265 for 1

275 for 1 but was a struggle

250 will be my opening weight in competition.

135 for 4 sets of 8

Then moved to chain paused:

3 sets of 135 with 40 lbs chains for 8 reps

That’s all I did today for squats because at this point I was quite tired and worn out. Also I do more reps for muscle building on squats because during cross country and track the muscle deteriorates from constant wear and I can never get my squat max to keep up with my other lifts.