My Cross Country 2013 High School Season

My high school cross country practices un officially started the first week into summer. I ran every day (excluding sunday) through out the summer. I started off with low miles and increased miles each week. By the time summer was coming to an end I was running upwards of 12 miles on my long run day. once the season for cross country started and we had official practices I got to know my teammates well, and my coach. I made varsity For the first race! I was so excited felt on top of the world. As the season went on I continually ran varsity every race.  during this season early on I had been running with slower times than I should have been running. For the 5k (3.2 miles) I was running  a constant 18 minute 30 second race.  Which isn’t bad but I knew I should be running Faster. I went to see a doctor who told me I had walking pneumonia. I had run almost 5 races with this! After taking medicine and getting back into the grind my time dropped. I started running 18 minutes 10 seconds then 5 second. I was working on at least breaking the 18 minute mark. At the regional race I read up on running tips and was going to make myself break 18 minutes. At this race not only did I break 18 minutes but I felt like I shattered it, I ran a 17 minute 32 second race! I was very proud of myself. It was a very rewarding season! At the end of the season I was talking to coach and telling him thanks for the great season. He told me that I was the first Freshman runner he has ever let run in every race. He has been coaching for nearly 15 years! My  cross country season was spectacular I got my first Varsity letter as a freshman. I hope to get more as the year goes on in track!