NCYC 2015 “Aquí estoy, Señor”

It has been two weeks since I went to the National Catholic Youth Conference. This was a very eye-opening, emotional and fun weekend. I have given myself time to reflect on this experience. I’ve come to my one conclusion: I want to go back and I don’t want it to end. We left Center Grove High School around 2 pm arrived downtown at about 2:30 ish. First we dropped off our bags and headed down to one of the churches, I don’t remember the name of the church but we went to mass as a large group of kids and chaperones all from Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. After mass we headed to Lucas Oil Stadium after grabbing dinner on the way there. I’ve never seen so many people in one stadium that were all enjoying themselves and had the same beliefs I do. Inside the stadium we listened to multiple speakers and then everyone left for their hotels about 10 pm. That’s when I met all my roommates and then had more come in. originally we had 4 people in our room we ended up having 8 people in our room because we were the “cool” room. Friday we all headed to Lucas Oil, listened to more religious and inspirational speakers. afterwards we headed to the convention center where we met a couple of girls and soon became friends with them. And even though they don’t live near us a couple of us still keep in contact with them. Friday we more or less explored the convention center, walked around downtown meeting new people. then friday night we all went back to Lucas Oil for worship. I’ve never witnessed 25,000+ rowdy teenagers sit in absolute silence for 25 minutes until this night.  Everyone in the stadium was focused on praying and connecting with god. Saturday was more or less the same thing, explored even more, went to the stadium for morning speeches and then again that night we went back for Mass. Mass was about 2 and half hours long. If someone who wasn’t catholic walked in during communion they would’ve witnessed the largest organized mass chaos ever! Then sunday morning was very saddening having to say by to everyone and leave one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. This conference moved me, brought me closer to god, and made me wish it never ended. To see pictures and videos look on my twitter (@NRhoten) account and there are some on my instagram (@noahrhoten_19).