Powerlifting Meet Recap!

So this past Saturday I competed in my first powerlifting competition. I had to wake up at 6 am to be sure I had everything ready for weigh ins at 7 am. Once I arrived I was weighed in, I weighed in at 169.3 pounds. This competition was one of the coolest sporting events I’ve experienced. You walk in and everyone is cheering for everyone, nobody is wanting someone else to miss a lift and if they are they don’t vocalize it but rather cheer for the person. There were 3 deadlift platforms and 3 squat/bench racks behind the platforms. Each competitor gets 3 attempts on each lift and if you make a weight then you are allowed to move up to a weight of your choosing.  For Squat I was worried about my back, in the past I’ve had back problems when squatting heavy and I played it safe with an opening squat of 250 pounds. Then moved to 265 pounds followed by 285 pounds. For Bench I opened with 225 pounds, followed by 245 then I actually failed my third attempt at 265 pounds. On deadlift I was feeling rather confident and opened with 385 pounds, followed by 405 pounds then hitting a new personal record I attempted 425 pounds and got it relatively easy.


Here is the video containing each of my lifts from the meet.