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Snowball Open II Powerlifting Meet

December 3rd of 2016, I competed in my second powerlifting meet and first sanctioned meet. This meet was sanctioned by the United States Powerlifting Association and held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I signed up for this meet within a week of high school cross-country season ending. I registered as a raw full power lifter  and thought I’d be competing in the 75 kg weight class. By the time the meet came I was 14 lbs heavier than when I signed up pushing me up into the 82.5 kg weight class.

In preparation to the meet I had to add back in deadlifts to my routine because I had actually cut them out for making my back sore. I had to change my routine completely I deadlifted twice a week for heavy doubles or triples typically. I benched twice a week and squatted three times a week. The week before the meet I actually stopped lifting weights, well, not completely. A week before the meet I kept my same routine however I only lifted 50% of my maxes at the time and I focused on form and the movement.  For example my max deadlift at the time was 500 lbs, meaning I was lifting 250 lbs focusing on for and moving the weight with the same mindset as if it were 500 lbs. Two days before the meet (Thursday) I did overload with squat and bench. For squat by over load I am referring to putting more weight on the bar than I can physically squat and unracking that weight walking out to my squat stance and holding the weight. For bench press I did the same idea as for squat and held heavier weight than what I could press  as if i would press it. The reason I did this was to give my muscles a weight they can’t handle in the hopes that when I competed the weight that I would be lifting would feel light when unracked. Friday, the day before the meet, I did not lift and just let my body recover.

It was the day of the meet and I had high expectations of myself. I arrived at the meet early weighed in and made sure I had everything I needed. When the competition started there were 3 flights or groups of people for one platform. meaning everyone in flight A would complete squat for all three attempts before flight B would complete their first squat attempt. I was in flight B.

Squats are the first lift. I believe I was just way too nervous to compete because at the end of squats I only actually got 3 white lights on the first attempt of 380.3 lbs. I attempted 407.2 lbs for my second and third attempts and failed both. This allow annoyed me greatly because going into the meet i had a squat max of 415 below required depth. The only upside about my squats was that I did set a Colorado State Record in the Raw Junior 18-19, 82.5 kg weight class! Click here to see it! (scroll down for my age group then find the weight class)

Bench Press is the second lift. Bench press was the other lift that gave me great frustration. My first attempt was 253 lbs. I pressed it easily, however I didn’t wait to hear the “Rack” command and I racked too early and missed the lift. I increased my weight anyways to 264 lbs. This weight went up super easy and fast. This was the only bench press that I actually got as well. My third attempt was 281 lbs. This weight could’ve gone up in my opinion, however once I got the press command and began to press it I got stuck half way up. I just got stuck, no other way to explain it. I was stuck for too long and the referee had the spotters take the weight from me. However my bench press was barely enough to set a Colorado State Record as well! Click here to see this record (it’s under the squat one).

Deadlift is the final lift. This was by far the most surprising lift for myself. At this point in the day the competition had been going on for almost 6 hours and people were getting very tired. I was very frustrated at this point with my performance thus far sitting at 2/6 attempts. My first deadlift attempt was 470 lbs, this weight flew up literally. My second attempt was 501.8 lbs, this also went up super fast and was a 2 lbs personal record. This is when I decided it’s all or nothing and increased the weight to 235 kg or 518.1 lbs. I don’t know what I was thinking as I approached the bar or if I was thinking at all. I gripped the bar as tight as I could and pulled. That’s all I can say but that weight went up as well setting a third and confirming a fourth Colorado State Record. The third record was my deadlift by itself. The fourth however was my total weight lifted 527.5 kg or 1162.9 lbs.

All in all this meet was successful, fun and frustrating. I finished with 5 of 9 attempts made and 4 Colorado state records. I am very proud of this meet and am very excited to say I will be competing in the Colorado State Championship Powerlifting meet on April 2nd. Below is the video of all my attempts.