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Chest/Arm day. 7/20/16

Today was originally chest and Tri day. Then I got to the workout and decided my biceps could use some attention so I added some curls at the end in.

1.) Dumbbell bench

55 for 20

65 for 15

75 for 10

85 for 8

2.) Dumbbell Flys superset with barbell bench press

30lbs 15 reps of flys immediately followed by 12 reps (or failure) at 135 on bench.

Repeat that for 5 sets for a great chest pump.

3.) tricep push down super set with barbell curls

15 push downs at 80 lbs. followed by 75 lbs curls for 15 reps. 5 sets total each set was 15 reps or until failure.

4.) skull crushers.

60 lbs for 3 sets of 20 or until failure.

5.) forearm curls.

65 lbs for 20 reps and 5 sets.

That was my workout for today. Tomorrow will be squat day again. Thank you for reading.

Working Out

I noticed it had been a while since I had posted or shared a workout. I will begin to share my workout every day so whoever is reading this can follow along. When I first moved to Colorado I had just started the Smolov Squat Routine. I will assume you don’t know what it is, but in short this is a squat program designed to increase your squat max 50-75 lbs in 15 workouts every other day. About 3 days after moving everything into our apartment we found a gym. Every other day has been squat day and I’m loving it! My squat was my worst lift for a long time. I’d always have an excuse for not doing it or not going heavy. The days I’m not doing squats I’m either doing chest and triceps day or Shoulders, Back and biceps day.  My next post will be a workout list for my training today and then a new one for each workout everyday.