Today’s Chest and Tricep workout

Today I focused mostly on my chest but did have some tricep work in.

If you want to see the video of each lift from today click HERE.

Warm up bench

1 set of 5 for each increasing weight going: 135, 155, 185, and 205

Working sets of heavy singles with proper form and stopped when I felt like for would break if I went up.

1 rep at 215

1 rep at 225

1 rep at 235

1 rep at 245

1 rep at 255

After that I dropped to 225 for 4 sets of 3 without breaking form.

4 sets of 3 at 225 proper form

Then moved to chained pause reps.

5 sets of 5 at 155 + two 40 lb chains with a 3 second pause at the bottom

Then moved to close grip bench to work a bit more triceps

3 sets 5 reps last set I only managed 4.

Then to dumbbell flat bench.

4 sets of 8 reps with 70lbs Dumbbells

Then to finish I just wanted to have some fun and show off a bit.

3 sets of 5 muscle ups

This was a great workout very challenging but fun.