Today’s Deadlift/Back Workout

Today i worked a lot on back and hamstrings.

To see the last set from each lift click HERE.

I started with conventional deadlift.

warm up:

135 for 2 sets of 10

225 for a set of 5

275 for a set of 5

315 for a set of 3

365 for a set of 2

385 for a single

and finished after hitting a heavy single at 405 because I felt my back start to round.


Sumo style deadlift for hamstring activation

5 sets of 8 reps at 225


Bent over barbell row

5 sets of 5 reps at 135

the last set shown in the video is rather sloppy as I was quite tired at this point.


Bent over single arm dumbbell row ladder

1 set at 90 for 8 with each arm

1 set at 100 for 8 with each arm

2 sets at 110 for 8 with each arm


5 sets of 5 slow and constrict pull-ups.

Then an attempt at 5 muscle ups theses were rather sloppy as I just couldn’t get the drive into them for the first two reps.