Today’s Squat Day workout 

Today is Tuesday November 3rd 2015. Today’s workout was targeting more low rep high weight for sets. 

I started with a 60lbs yoke bar with a 45lbs plate on each side to warm up before heavy squats. 

2 sets of 10 reps with a wide stance down to a box that breaks parallel and explode up from the bottom. 

I worked my way up with 1 set of 5 with increasing weights until I hit my final weight for heavy triples. 

7 sets of 3 reps at 240 lbs with wide stance breaking parallel. 

Once done I moved onto straight bar 135 lbs with a 40 lbs chain on each side to make the explode up from the bottom harder. At the top the weight is heavy because all chain links are in the air, at the bottom it feels lighter as the ground is supporting some of the chain links. 

2 sets of 5 at 135+ chains 

2 sets of 5 at 155+ chains 

3 sets of 3 at 185+ chains 

Then I moved onto split squats paired with walking lunges. 

1 set of split squats at 185 for 5

1 set of walking lunges at 135  for a 20 meter distance 

I did the above two lifts alternating from one to the other did 5 sets of split squats and 6 walking lunges sets. 

To finish the workout I went to straight bar squats with 5 second pauses at the bottom. 

3 sets of 8-12 reps 

That was my squat day work out, included some Glutes, some Hamstrings but mostly Quads.