4x800 race

Track is another sport i started my 6th grade year. I also ran varsity on this sport all through middle school. My freshman year however half way through the season i suffered an IT Band injury and lost 2 weeks of training. When i came back i was no longer varsity. sophomore year i was originally slated to run the 2 mile and mile races. However, we had a runner in the JV 4×800 not show for a meet so i decided to run it. Turns out i was pretty good at it. i made varsity in a race that i had never done before and that was also the first hand off i had ever taken in a race. Now my main event is the 800 meter, especially in the relay fashion or the 4×800.

Events I’ve competed in and my best in that event:


2 mile:     10 minutes 44 seconds

800 meter:   2 minutes 2.3 seconds

mile: 4 minutes 52 seconds

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